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New Jersey Traffic Defense

Many immigrants are unable to obtain state driver’s licenses, yet they need to drive. They drive to get to and from work, take their children to the doctor, and engage in other essential activities of daily life. In southern New Jersey and beyond, public transportation leaves much to be desired. Accordingly, Ms. Trinidad has difficulty viewing the ability to operate a motor vehicle as a mere “privilege.” While it remains a privilege legally, in practice the ability to drive represents a critical need and right in the lives of my clients.

Elizabeth M. Trinidad has been handling New Jersey municipal court cases since 2001. In 2014, she won a published Appellate Division case, State of New Jersey v. Armando Carreon, that is one of the few precedential decisions ever to interpret the New Jersey unlicensed driver statute 39:3-10. Ms. Trinidad focuses on unlicensed driver cases, suspended driver cases, the restoration of driving privileges, and uninsured driver cases. She always keeps in mind the intersection of traffic and immigration law: a client’s traffic history can affect that client’s current and future immigration cases. Ms. Trinidad also represents U.S. citizens in their traffic cases in New Jersey – after all, traffic cases in New Jersey may lead to permanent records that cannot be expunged! Due to their complexity, Ms. Trinidad decided in 2013 that DUI cases are too time-consuming for her to handle, so she refers those cases to other attorneys.

NOTE: Ms. Trinidad does handle simple assault and domestic violence allegations in Municipal Court.


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